The Park

Welcome to Criq'Parc !

We will be pleased to welcome you in group at Criq'Parc ! It is the ideal place for kids to learn while playing, in a safe and closed space.

Criq'Parc, innovative concept of playground parc in the trees would delight kids from kindergarten.

With a large amount of play structures, kids would have 2 hours to have fun and enjoy the games in the trees, as on the ground !

These several activities allow children to develop their balance and their agility, while having fun. In short, it is a real motor room in middle of the forest, near the lake to allow kids to soak up nature benefits.

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Onsite :

You will find toilets and enough to fill the water gourds. For picnic, you may eat on the beach or inside our refuge if weather is bad.


The park only

10€ / kid

2 activities package

20€ / kid

Park + Nature Game OR Park + Nature Hike

3 activities package

30€ / kid

Nature Game + Park + Nature Hike

Infos pratiques

2 hours
A closed pair of shoes as sneakers
A comfortable outfit adapted to outdoor and weather
Better to tie long hair

PARKING : the car needs to drop you at Saint-Jorioz public beach parking (about 400m walk to the Criq'Parc)
From 3 years old / Group price from 20 children