Eco snack

You are good products lover for snacks at anytime of the day ?

Meet us at Criq'parc Eco-snack !

For a tasty break, for young and old, we will meet you at the Eco-snack ! You could not miss this big homebuild hut at the park entrance.

Discover Eco-snack menu, composed of only local and organic produits to eat in or takeaway. On the meny ; hot and cold drinks, icecreams, savory or sweet pancakes, and waffles !

Discover all the menu over here !


We choose to offer fresh drinks from a French family home, for which authenticity and organical farmer matter. Their products are integrated into a sustainable approach.

The little + that seduced us : fruits juices are made from riped fruits, at seasons pace, without adding artifices, with ingredients entirely from organics. Wellness, pleasure and health of everyone are essential in consumption of these products.

Beers are artisanals, organics and locals ! Brewed not far from Annecy, in a familial company, we are thrilled to make you discover those products (to be consumned in moderation).

On the menu :

- Fresh drinks :
Iced teas (lemon/ginger or granada), Fruits juices (strawberry/raspberry or apple) & sodas (cola or lemon)

- Hot drinks :
Tea & Infusions, Cofees & Hot chocolate

- Organic beers :
Blond, Amber, White Or IPA


Because a sweet break is always a pleasure, we thought about gourmands, young and old ! Taste our homecooked crepes and wafles with organic ingredients. If you want to have lunch onsite, try our savory buckweat pancakes, filled with good organic products.

There is something for every tastes, to enjoy at anytime of the day, inside the park or to take to the beach.

On the menu :

Buckweat pancakes: with ham, grated cheese, savoy reblochon cheese, goat cheese, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, potatoes...

Sweet pancakes : Sugar, Mappel sirup, Lemon/Honey,Chocolate and nuts spread, salted butter caramel, chestnut cream, marmelade

Sweet waffles : Icing sugar, Brown sugar, Marmelade, Mappel Sirup, Salted butter caramel, Chestnut cream, chocolate and nuts spread

Icecreams :

We chose to select icecreams from a range of organic frozen foods, produced by a brand with which we share values, ethic and importance for quality.

The little + which seduced us : maximum use of French products, or from European Union if necessary; enhancement of artisans; tilisation d'un maximum de produits Français, ou alors de l'Union Européenne quand nécessaire ; valorisation des artisants ; 98% waste recycling; etc.

On the menu :

Almond chocolate
Mini chocolate
Vanilla-chocolate cone
4 flavors (fruits sorbet)

Infos pratiques

Open continuously at the same time as the park
Credit card or cash payments accepted
For all family