Kids Birthday

You want to celebrate your kids birthday in an idyllic setting near Annecy Lake ?

Come enjoy the Criq'Parc, and the large range of activities in the heart of the forest.
Bookings for birthdays are available from March 30 to November 3, depending on opening days.
The birthday formula :

We organise the welcoming of your group, and we settle you in a reserved area in the park (picnic table).

The entrance to the park is planned for 3H. Activities of the park could be done in autonomy, under adults surpervision (1 adult in the group for 3 kids if less than 6 years and 1 adult for 6 kids if more than 6 years old).

A snack is included in the formula : a cake (chocolate or raspberry) + candles + organic fruits juice + organic candies.

The Criq'Parc entrance is offered for the birthday kid, also as for the adults supervisors.

Children who celebrates its birthday will leave with a souvenir photo of this unforgetable time and an invitation to come back to the park.


The birthday formula price is 22€ per child. It's free for the one celebrating its birthday, and also for accompanying adults.
Mimimum package is for 5 paying child, which is 110€ / no maximum number of child


We could plan a special entertainment for kids, in addition to park access.
Depending on availabilities, and with an extra cost.


Mandatory booking at least 5 days before, with contract signature and payment of 50% deposit for confirmation.


Infos pratiques

3 heures
- Une paire de chaussures fermées type baskets
- Une tenue confortable adaptée à l'activité et à la météo
- Pour les cheveux longs, pensez à les attacher
- Attention : maillot de bain interdit

- Accès au parc pour 3h
- Un espace réservé en extérieur dans le parc
- Un goûter (gâteau, bonbons, jus de fruits bio)
- La vaisselle (cuillères, assiettes, serviettes, bougies)
- Une photo souvenir (pour l'enfant qui fête son anniversaire)
- Une invitation à revenir (pour l'enfant qui fête son anniversaire)
Enfants à partir de 3 ans - 6 participants minimum (5 enfants payants + 1 enfant invité pour son anniversaire) - sous la surveillance des adultes